Our Story

We are two restless minds that have been brought together by the unique atmosphere of London on a foggy February morning back in 2000. Between the two of us, we have over thirty years of experience in the creative and communications professions. In the past ten years, we have lived in five different countries. We have been exploring Europe by road, rail, plane, windsurf board, and sailing yacht, and, for the past five years, we have been fashion retailers. 

When we are really passionate about something, we can be too inquisitive for our own good. Aiming to serve our clients the best way we could, we have delved into every aspect of the industry, from service standards and store design, all the way down the supply chain, through showrooms and trade fairs, and into every factory and fabric mill. We have seen many people compromise on essential features of their garments, such as comfort, functionality, and responsible manufacturing for the sake of “style”, and we wanted to make a difference.

We have created Arthur Shirtley® as a response to the needs of confident, grown-up women and men, who recognise that true luxury lies in the simplicity and functionality of a garment. It is responsible tailoring for those who are unwilling to compromise on comfort or quality, while being mindful of the impact that their fashion choices are making on the world.

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